OCC is baled for recycling

Sustainability is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Significant numbers of our customers, suppliers and retailers are working together to promote sustainable packaging strategies. Packaging that is physically designed to optimize materials and energy. Companies around the world are increasing their focus on reducing their impact on the environment and merging sustainability goals with business considerations to develop strategies that address environmental concerns related to the life cycle of packaging.

CorrChoice is a resource that can help your company identify, promote, and procure sustainable packaging. Together we can create the opportunity to improve efficiency, achieve cost-savings, and improve profitability.

CorrChoice can help with:

Materials and Testing

There are many innovations in corrugated that are environmentally responsible and achieve desired performance requirements. We do developmental package testing, perform cost comparisons, and conduct an analysis on alternative corrugated constructions. Our goal is to evaluate and design a package with optimal fiber combinations that achieve cost savings and have the desired performance required by your customer.

Greif's forestry division, Soterra, LLC, has recently been recognized with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) certification. This certification proves our dedication to sustainability through preservation of soil, air and water quality, with programs to ensure continuous reforestation.

CorrChoice has a fully equipped ISTA certified packaging testing lab to validate these designs.

Innovative Package Design – Supply Chain

CorrChoice works with your team to evaluate the entire packaging supply chain to look for opportunities that impact your sustainability goals. We will search for efficient packaging design that reduces your distribution, transportation, and warehouse costs.

Wal-Mart Scorecard

The sustainability scorecard has been established as a source of differentiation for consumer packaging companies. CorrChoice can help you understand and determine what your score is for current package designs while working with you to improve.

OCC bales are sent to the mill for recycling